Moovup eNews – Job Search and Job Application features are now available on our website!

Website New Features 

In order to maximise your candidate reach, Moovup has now supported job search and job application features on our website. All job postings will be displayed on our website and app to attract different users’ preference. To ensure your job ads will be seen by the right people, our website added a job matching function to display to the job seekers based upon their job preference. 

Under what circumstances is an employee entitled to sickness allowance?

An employee employed under a continuous contract is entitled to sickness allowance if the sick leave taken is not less than four consecutive days, is supported by an appropriate medical certificate. And the employee has accumulated sufficient number of paid sickness days.

How do employers manage the last MPF contribution when employees leave their jobs?

When your employee ceases employment with your company, be sure to do two things. First, arrange for the last contribution and second, notify your trustee about the termination.

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