Features update on employer portal

New Job Types


In order to cater to the increasing diversity of industries signing up on our platform, Moovup has increased the number of job categories from 11 to 16. Newly added industries include Events and Promotion, Maintenance, Beauty and Fitness, Production and Packaging, and Construction. Our existing industries have also added new job types, to better match the employer’s recruiting needs in finding the right job applicants.



Reviewing Job Applicants Feature


To address the issue of job applicants not showing up for interviews, Moovup has introduced a “Give feedback” feature. At its initial phase, employers will be able to mark down whether an applicant did not show up for a job interview or did not answer phone calls. All records will only be stored within Moovup’s system and will not be shared with others. This feature will allow us to better understand which job applicants may need special review, and to allow us to analyse data so that we can continue to improve our platform while reducing the number of “no-shows”.



Discontinuation of ”Invite to Apply” function and E-mail Notifications for “Your company advertisement has ended”


In order to prepare for our platform upgrade, Moovup will no longer support the “Invite to Apply” function, and stop e-mail notifications whenever a job ad has closed. Employers can continue to see the status of their job ads by going to their job ad posts in our Employers’ Portal. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may be caused by this change.

There will be more features coming in the future, stay tuned!