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Priority Listing Job Promotion

With Priority Listing Job Promotion, your job post will appear at the top of the job lists or at a prominent section of the search or filter results. This will increase the exposure and clicks of the job post.

You can change your daily budget for each job post at any time based on your needs and to control costs.

Why Priority Listing Job Promotion?

Maximise the number of clicks

Your job post will be displayed at the top of the search or filter results to gain prominent visibility with relevant jobseekers. The number of clicks could improve by approximately 100%* as compared with free job posts.

*Data based on total clicks for job posts that appeared at the top section of job lists from July 17th to August 2020. 

Performance-based fees

Pay is based on clicks. No click, no fee.

Target the right talents

Promoted job posts will target the relevant candidates.

Budget Control

You can change your budget or cancel your Promoted Job anytime.

Monitor the performance

Track the clicks and spending to help you monitor the performance.

Promote in four simple steps

Choose a job

Set a daily budget

Confirm promotion

* First-time users need to fill in credit card information.

Track the performance 

*You can always change your budget or stop spending at any time.